Motorola DCT2500

July 26th, 2016 Posted by No Comment yet


The Motorola DCT2500 is a standard definition Digital Box capable of viewing digital (non-HD) channels.

The Motorola DCT2500 is the evolution of the highly popular DCT2000 – the world’s most widely deployed digital cable set-top – offering excellent performance and proven reliability at an attractive price point. It provides state-of-the-art digital compression technology, allowing operators a broad range of revenue-generating services.

This interactive digital cable set-top supports basic digital TV functionality, including interactive program guides (IPG), video on demand (VOD), and commercial-free, CD quality music.

• 175MHz MIPS32 CPU with 8K instruction and 8K data caches
• High speed, unified memory design with support for up to 64MB of DDR SDRAM
• 64 PID filters individually assignable to in-band or out-of band streams

• Video decoder with enhanced VBI data processing capability
• Analog/digital video scaling (Picture-in-Graphics)
• High resolution graphics with support for multiple planes as well as current DCT2000 modes
• MPEG-2 digital video processor
• ATSC standard Dolby Digital (AC-3) audio processor
• ITU standard 64/256 QAM/FEC/enhanced adaptive equalizer
• On-board real-time RF return (256Kbps)
• Clear Analog Channel Processor with BTSC Decoder 54-860MHz tuner
• DES-based encryption/DCII access control
• Digital diagnostics
• Frequency agile 2.048Mbps out-of-band data receiver
• Macrovision copy protection
• Wide screen (16 x 9) video support
• Full feature access from front panel
• Switched accessory outlet