GDI Technology’s top of the line equipment repair technique places us as a first class repair facility for the broadband and telecommunications industry.  We have two repair facilities strategically located in Miami Florida and Jayuya Puerto Rico, allowing our customers in the US,  South, and Central America to conveniently ship their out-of-warranty products and have them screened, cleaned, repaired, and re-packaged at a great savings.  We specialize in repairing a wide variety of CATV products and since we manufacture most accessories to complement the packaging, our final products  will exceed your expectations and significantly reduce your cost.

Technical Experience and Systems

GDI’s team of highly qualified engineers and technicians have in-depth experience with a wide variety of Cable Set Top Boxes, Cable Modems, Power Supplies, Amplifiers, and monitoring and testing equipment.  Our innovative testing, repairing, screening, and repackaging processes are performed with the most advanced instruments and CMTS systems available in the marketplace.  GDI has invested significant dollars in an integrated information system that allows the customer to log in and view the status of their project in real time, with detailed up to date repair, final assembly, and packaging information.

Personnel Experience

All technicians are trained and certified in all aspects of the repair and remanufacturing processes of CATV Power Supplies, CATV Line Amplifiers, Cable Modems, Set Top Boxes, and other Cable TV related equipment.