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Easily connect to the Internet without wires using this router that allows you to surf the Web, e-mail friends, stream music, play online games and more at the touch of a button. Four Ethernet ports allow for wired connection of up to 4 computers.

The NETGEAR Difference- WGR614

  • Surf, email, chat
  • Share your Internet connection
  • Smart Wizard® — easy setup
  • Free Parental Controls
  • Live Parental Controls – Free!
  • Push ‘N’ Connect
  • Wi-Fi on/off button
  • Power on/off button
  • Broadband usage meter
  • Surf the Internet for your favorite sites
  • Email and chat with family and friends

The NETGEAR G54 Wireless Router is a simple and secure way to share your high-speed Internet connection for surfing the Internet, email, online chat and Facebook. Easy setup with the Smart Wizard® CD gets you up and running fast, while Wi-Fi Protected Setup® gives you a secured connection at the push of a button.

  • Surf, email, chat — Wireless connection for basic Internet applications like surfing the Web, email and Facebook
  • Share Internet connection — Allows Internet broadband sharing and the freedom of wireless Internet usage
  • Easy setup — Smart Wizard® CD with graphical installation guide and multi-language support
  • Live Parental Controls — Keeps your Internet experience safeBlocks unsafe Internet content and applications and can be managed from anywhereProtects connected devices through the router such as PCs, gaming consoles, and iPod touch
  • Secured connection — Push ‘N’ Connect offers a secured wireless Internet connection at the push of a button
  • Broadband usage meter — Monitors Internet traffic and sends customized reports to help keep costs under control
  • NETGEAR Green features — Power and Wi-Fi on/off buttons, Energy Star-compliant power adapter and 80% recycled packaging