Motorola SBG940

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Product Identifiers
Brand Motorola
Model SURFboard SBG940
UPC 00612572101889
Key Features
Type Modem
Enclosure External
Transmission Line Cable
Data Transfer Rate 10 Mbps
Hardware Interface Ethernet, USB
Platform PC
Upstream Transfer Rate 30 Mbps
Supported Protocols
Cable Modem DOCSIS 1.0, DOCSIS 1.1, DOCSIS 2.0
Width 11.5 in.
Depth 5.5 in.
Height 2.5 in.
Weight 1.8 lb

The SBG-940 Wireless Cable Modem Gateway is an all-in-one high-speed cable modem, Access Point with 802.11 G technology and also brings four 10/100  Base-T Ethernet router that comes equipped with a built in security firewall. This is the perfect application for home ,home office or small businesses and or enterprise. This allows users to create networks to share a single broadband connection whether it\’s wired or wireless.The SBG-940  is a very efficient, cost effective solution that eliminates the need to mix and match four separate products.