GainStar mini node with 42/54

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 The GainStar Mini Node (GSMN) is a 1 GHz compact size node specifically designed to serve in fiber-deep HFC networks. The GSMN provides excellent forward and reverse path performance combined with high reliability and a user-friendly layout. All new GainStar products share common plug-in accessories and perform to 1 GHz in the forward path. 

• Utilizes GaAsFET technology optimized for superior distortion performance. 
• Provides a single higher-level output or two lower-level RF output ports in a strand or pedestal mount configuration. 
• Features onboard LEDs to indicate the optical input power. The integrated optical receiver module with a built-in AGC increases reliability and decreases nonlinear distortion. 
• Reverse traffic can be combined and routed to an FP, DFB or CWDM reverse optical transmitter. 

• Can be set up for 862 MHz or 1 GHz performance
• Selectable single or dual outputs with an onboard signal director
• LED display for optical input power
• AGC optical input range of –4 to +2 dBm
• Standard plug-in attenuators can be used to adjust the gain and equalization
• FP, DFB or CWDM transmitter as an available option
• Surge-resistant circuitry ensures resistance to high voltage transients (6kV)
• Thermal RF control minimizes gain movement over temperature
• 10 A current capacity (steady state) and 15 A surge survivability
• Outdoor housing is IP68 dust-proof and watertight
• Strand and pedestal mount housing configurations are available
• All RF ports are PG11 and configured with 5/8″ adapters
• RoHS 6 of 6